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The above is an actual e-mail received in mid October of 2006. While the URL shown in the graphic is not a hot link, DO NOT TYPE IT into your address bar! The Web site developer for this page could have created code enabling a cookie or spyware to be dropped into your computer's hard drive without you even knowing it.

This is why you want to be sure you have active software installed on your computer such as McAfee or Norton's. While we cannot prove this is a phishing ploy with clicking the URL to see the questions asked, it is a perfect example of what one would look like, all information pertaining to a company called KeyBank totally missing.

Also, as mentioned in the Credit Card warning link above the graphic, a company will never, ever ask you for your important credit card information as a data check such as the credit card number, the expiration date, and the three or four digit code found on your card, or even your social security number.

That means you should have already installed 1.) virus protection, 2.) firewall protection, and 3.) spyware protection, where a warning will instantly pop-up on your screen if something was to be added onto your computer's hard drive after clicking on the URL shown.

Also, an interesting note is that AOL (our provider) instantly put up a warning when I accidentally clicked on the URL, advising me that I could be going on an unfriendly phishing expedition and did I want to continue.


In the event your wallet is stolen, consider these safeguards now!


Call for Action when you need a larger voice than your own.  Helping others since 1963.

Call For Action, Inc. (CFA) is an international, nonprofit network of consumer hotlines founded in 1963. The organization is tax-exempt and donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission is to empower consumers by giving them a voice larger than their own. Volunteer professionals in offices around the world are trained to assist consumers through mediation and education to resolve problems with businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. Our services are free and confidential and available to all individuals and small businesses.

Telemarketing Scammers Phising For Data On Back Of Your Credit Card

Failed Silly Invention From The Past

"Is it really a Robo-Maid?"


Garden Scam? It Sure Didn't Grow Much!

Above is the bottom line of what Topsy Turvy costs you at $19.99 with one free, ONLY pay shipping and handling seeming to be the profit motivation for these TV products. We saw no option to buy just one to avoid any double shipping (double dipping) cost.

Now let's see if any tomato plants come with the order, since there was no disclaimer on the homepage with all pictures showing the product with a tomato plant growing from under it. The ad says you can get "Up to 30 pounds of tomatoes per plant." It doesn't say you get "Up to 30 pounds of tomatoes per plant you buy locally for your Topsy Turvy."

And you are NOT able to see any receipt page until AFTER you have ordered, at least five other offer pages hitting you first for a mouse click of a "Yes" or "No!"

Looks like they may turn their customers topsy turvy, this looking too much like a scam with your not being able to see the cost before you buy. Also, this site has the first order page I have seen where they ask for your credit card FIRST!


The product arrived without any tomato plants for the price shown, as expected though not noted in the ad. Going to WalMart, I spent about $20 for two plants, plus extra for a large bag of potting soil to add to the holding bags. The plants were easy to install, but it takes two to put the potting soil in. And the top holes around the edge of the top don't match the three steel wires, there isn't much from keeping a heavy wind from blowing them off the top of the bag.

So for about $70 for everything, the tomatoes that were grown didn't even come close to paying for the product. While a cherry tomato plant produced about 100 small tomatoes, a tomato plant in a small garden in our front yard that we didn't expect to grow produced at least six times that many.

And you can't be hanging your Topsy Turvy on a porch, as shown in the ad, unless you like your wooden deck ruined with water dripping out the bottom every time you water.

The rule still holds. If it is too good to be true, it usually is.


  Scams (by alpha) allows you to purchase photos for your commercial Web site or use them for free with non-commerical sites with limited restrictions.

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International Delight had been the cheaper brand for us when buying flavored coffee cream, our passing up the more expensive Coffee Mate. But we had become tired of International Delight's cap design.

Delight's leaky caps (see above) makes our hands sticky when we pick up the bottle, leaves a ring on the counter, and then another ring on the shelf of the refrigerator, which has to be constantly cleaned (see below.)

So we bought Coffee Mate and discovered its product is thicker, so we don't have to use as much, making the price per pour about the same. The messy goo is gone along with a potential hazard from germs.

We again discover that really freedom comes from knowledge.

Would you buy this coffee creamer? . . . and other stuff.

Are you tired of poor design or lousy customer service from American companies? Well so are we, experiencing hard-to-understand customer service agents for United Airlines in India and for AOL in Argentina.

Sunlight Dishwasher liquid had problems with their product lumping in the bottle, a little hard to get the stuff out of that tiny hole in the lid. So we called them. The rep on the phone apologized and told us to hang in there, that they were having problems with the included water-spot remover. They made no offer to mail us a coupon when they had fixed the problem, leaving us . . . well, hanging.

While McAfee's is the king of consumer online security, its new 2006 Internet Security Suite 8.0 gave us trouble and locked up our printer after an install. We even uninstalled and reinstalled the printer software, thinking its malfunctioning was a coincidence.

Their software also didn't recognize we had old products on the computer, failing to upgrade our existing VirusScan and Firewall products from McAfee's 2005 editions, our continuing to see the annoying warning boxes on our screen telling us we needed to upgrade.

After 12-hours, we finally uninstalled the 8.0 Internet Suite and our HP printer came to life again, along with our third-party defrag software that had also gone south. We were glad we hadn't mailed in the CD-ROMs for the old 2005 product, a required option for the $20 rebate, reinstalling the old software so we still had protection.

We complained to the company via certified mail asking for our money back. We did finally receive a response and got help. But in the mean time, we had to journey off to an OfficeMax to buy the two 2006 McAfee products separately to avoid a similar problem. We saw a three-software McAfee package, but later discovered one of the software's offered was not an antiVirus program.

So be aware if you run into simlar problems installing their new security software.



If you receive the following message in your e-mail . . .

"This message was sent by the Citi® Cards Email Verification Server to verify your email address. You must complete this process by clicking on the link below and entering in the small window your Citibank ATM full Card Number and Pin that you use on ATM. (Please make sure that pop-up windows are enabled in your Internet Browser, otherwise you will not be able to see the small window) This is done for your protection, . . . "

. . . it's a SCAM!

Report it to Citibank immediately using your Forward E-mail option button and send to the following e-mail address: <>


— and more importantly, what not to say when buying a car.

Forbes says the auto dealership experience can be extremely stressful, but believes it doesn't have to be. We couldn't agree more. You could know everything there is to know about the cars you're considering, but that's only part of the buying process.

If you want that seductive new sedan at a good price, you're probably going to need to know what to say — and more importantly, what not to say!

Click here to read more from Forbes.

We thank AOL for carrying this information for its members.

Every day the Internet Storm Center gathers millions of intrusion detection log entries from sensors covering over 500,000 IP addresses in over 50 countries. The ISC provides a free analysis and warning service to thousands of Internet users and organizations and is actively working with Internet Service Providers to fight back against the most malicious attackers.
Netcraft has explored the Internet since 1995 and is a respected authority on the market share of web servers, operating systems, hosting providers, ISPs, encrypted transactions, electronic commerce, scripting languages and content technologies on the Internet. PC Magazine awarded Netcraft a place in its Top 100 Classic Web Sites. Classic sites are defined as "perennial favorite, category leading sites", which one would most miss if stranded on a desert island.
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