A Biblical Warning You Can Hold In Your Hand.

Brimstone is not a metaphor.  It is real and has been available to hold since Sodom and Gamorrah.  It didn't come from a volcano and it didn't come from an exploding meteor.

Fire And Brimstone

Brimstone is not a metaphor from the Bible. It is real. You can even buy the golf ball size Brimstone from eBay from $58 to $150, picked up out of the approximate 4,000 year old ash of Sodom and Gomorrah. In other words you can hold Biblical history in your hand.

Concerning the ash Brimstone is found in, it is reported that to turn limestone or stone buildings like those at Sodom and Gomorrah into bright white ash requires extreme temperatures that result in "multi-shaded layering of ash formed by thermal ionization, caused by electrons repelling and attracting, creating a swirling effect in the remains."

In fact to this day Brimstone is reported to be only found, and in abundance, in the ash of the former lush cities of Sodom and Gomorrah located on land near the lower portion of the Dead Sea. It looks like a bright white stone between the size of an egg and a golf ball.

Yet it is not a stone. It is around 97% pure natural sulfur, reported to be found in no other place in the world in its small form and purity.

Yellow sulfur can be found around the rims of volcanoes, reported to be around 50% pure. But natural Brimstone is so pure you can literally light it with a match. And it is not yellow. It is white.

You can then watch it quickly turn into liquid sulfur, disappearing in a hot blue flame as shown above. In fact you can click on the photo above to watch a video of Brimstone burning and then melting / boiling off into nothing.

The heat of that tiny sulfur stone has to be over 200 degrees for the sulfur just to start to melt. At a higher temperature of 800 degrees it can flow like water, even boil off. Again, to watch a video of this event just click on the above photo.

Only manufactured sulfur can be this pure. However the Brimstone that fell over those two ancient cities came from the sky above them, not an exploding meteor or volcano since this kind of stone is not found at those events. So how were these sulfur stones created, if not found in that form and purity in other places on the planet and in such mass quantity?

The Bible gives no detail and why Brimstone may only be a visual warning for other societies that continue to grow in the worship of Sexual Bondage / Identity, Infanticide and Nihilism. The lifestyles from those two ancient cities can be openly found again 4,000 years later in a so-called highly educated society of 2020.

2020 is a time where technology has become absolute king, an end time warning in the Book of Daniel. As proof, there is an electronic device that is carried around so much around the globe it has almost become an extension of the human body. You know it by name, a smartphone, which people carry daily and sleep with, usually never turning it off.

The smartphone, being accepted the world over, could easily be seen as an early prototype for another warning referred to in the Bible as the "Mark" or the "Mark of The Beast," prophesied to be placed into the right hand or forehead.

This is reported by The Book of Revelation in the Bible, as an actual body-embedded passport is being developed by global corporations to put under the skin to prove a person has had the COVID vaccine. Then authorities can say who can travel and who cannot.

In the rapidly approaching days when the full "Mark" will be required, everyone will have to have one if they want to buy and sell anything within their society. In other words it will not be an option.

The Old Testament is filled to the brim with stories of failing societies, like America, allowed to be taken over by their enemies. Even Plato, born 400 years before Christ, had warned that no successful democracy could ever survive. Israel itself in 2020 is found again to be walking away from its origin, as smaller groups still follow their fundamental Islamic and Christian family values.

Brimstone is what it is, a warning that was created out of nothing so you, personally, could physically pick it up and hold it in your hand unchanged after around 4,000 years when it fell to earth.

In other words you can never say you didn't know, when asked about the event, with proof sitting there on eBay for anyone to buy. - Webmaster



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