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All photos, videos and attributed content under the domain of Freedom Is Knowledge are the property of their respective owners unless otherwise noted. The Web site's mission has been to provide conservative content in a Web portal format.

Webmaster comments and selected postings are based on (and not limited to) 1.) the times grown up in, 2.) personal opinions shared with citizens over time, 3.) reports and / or public media / news events or 4.) other posted sources.

Freedom is Knowledge does not trade links or allow paid ads and has no incoming revenue. All bills have been paid by the domain's owner since the domain's inception, Jon Shepp is a nickname for the owner and also found on Facebook. The nickname is used because of the woke society we live in, where a last name could be attributed to other family or non-family members, who have nothing to do with the content selected.

Jon Shepp is used for the Webmaster and also the source of the name of the "Shepp Report." The Shepp Report includes an extensive list of posted HTML e-mails, which have been sent out weekly to a very short list since November of 2011 and continues present day.

Comments on the site are not meant to attack any source or person but to only post concerns how that source or person might affect the society's ability to continue its normal activities such as the celebration of annual events, historic figures and / or long held traditions . . . the human glue that holds "a people" together.

The domain's content is intended to be used for the main objective of building a knowledge base for visitors to show how national editors and their print or / electronic media news hosts (with corporate owners) can distort events. They can affect the country and its citizen's well being along with the public losing trust in the message.

In the end that objective by the media, if continued, may not be reversible and could cause damage to founding core principles, the fiber that allows a society to operate as a single unit. Over time the damage could cause a potential collapse from within. Or as Victor David Hanson has put it in his book, The end of everything.

Example: The "personal members" of the ACLU (which admits to welcoming Communists into its fold) were allowed by U.S. Courts to continue decades of attacks of hate and political correction onto the fragile Boy Scouts of America (an organization made up of thousands of small local units across the nation), pushing and pushing until the organization would fold, which it had in 2024.

One should also not forget the weight of the ACLU's stunning and enormous "web of interconnections" within the Federal Government along with hundreds of other related progressive pagan organizations.

An example of that would be the ACLU convincing the Pentagon to back away from supporting the Boy Scouts of America because of its Christian influence, something that has been the core of the organization since its founding from England in 1908.

Postings on the domain may also originate from the warnings of professionals (such as former Congressional or retired government / military personnel), news pundits (such as the O'Reilly Factor) and / or scholars (such as Dr. John Campbell of England or CJ Lovik) and / or every day citizens speaking out via their right of free speech guaranteed by the Constitution.


NOTE: Some Web pages that go back over a decade may be noted at the top as "Archived" with some of or all of their links no longer working and removed from their original servers. Those pages are no longer added to or updated, yet the content is still shown. Why one might ask?

The reason is that the content and / or headlines could be useful as research for viewers over events or headlines the legacy media might have buried from the public over their personal narratives and why those postings are still there.

Again one of the main objectives of the domain is to provide a searchable knowledge base of past events in recent American history the legacy media may have buried from the public, again to protect a narrative that could be destructive to "their need to know."

Because the content on the domain is extensive, some links may no longer be active and removed from their servers. However the headline / words still remain, allowing a search for updated links.

For checking content on the domain, there is a domain-only search engine near the top of the homepage and also one at the top on the Shepp Report.

Type in any word or words into the search box. Once doing that a list of pages "with that word, or words," will come up if in the domain's content. Using Windows FIND will then allow anyone to find that specific word on the opened page. An example of that search engine is below and available on most posted HTML e-mails.

Finally, the total word content on Freedom Is Knowledge is updated every seven days, starting on Sundays. So for any updates made, new content added or deleted would be reflected in any searches at that time. - Webmaster





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