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NewsBusted's Miller on First Hundred Days.  What a hoot!

Politicians that catch Jody Miller's eye get busted!


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A few samples of what was going on ahead of the 2010 November elections. 2010 Elections
Your government in action . . . protecting you?  Congress / Government
The Tea Party Category.  Democrats hate the people's power, strong yet there is no single leader or funding organization, it all run by everyday Americans standing up and saying "No more!"  Conservatives
When the Democrat leadership in 2008 walked over to the DailyKOS and for support, the party of JFK became the party of Marxists. Democrats / Marxists
Financial issues for U.S. Financial
Foreign issues could involve the U.S.   Foreign
Environment issues of America's news Marxist Party.  Green / Climate
An overview of all the corruption going on in forcing Marxist healthcare on the American people.  Healthcare
Where you can find everything else. History / Humor / Misc.
Immigration problems in the Untied States.  Immigration
What is coming out of America's media representing a very divided country.  Media
Information related to our military.  Military
Issues from the other America.  Muslim / Islam / Terrorism
Disturbing news and information on a president elected by progressives and raised as a child by communists.  Obama
How unions have become a nest for communists.  Unions




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