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"If your job hunting is not a full time are doing something wrong."

Bob Richards, former consultant, Drake Beam Morin, Inc.


Job Hunting while being unemployed is up there in the stress level with divorce, death in the family, or moving your family cross-country . . . but it doesn't have to be. If you prepare yourself by assessing your strengths and financial options and making this effort a full time job, you may find that you don't have time to worry about not finding employment.

Outplacement services may call this period chaos, a cycle in your life when everything seems to come apart. If you are over 50 it can even be more difficult. Being laid off or downsized can make you numb and cause you to question your ability as a productive worker and even an asset to yourself or your family. Focusing on your strengths, networking with friends and former associates, and looking at your options for a new career can give you renewed energy.

There are many places you can turn to for assistance in finding other career options or pursuing other jobs. Review the list we provide below and decide which ones are best for you.

Outplacement Agencies:

Outplacement agencies can be provided by your previous employer if you have many years of service, are laid-off, run into politics in the company's culture, or are just plain being downsized. They provide active job database searches, recruiter lists by state and career search, secretarial services, mailing services, private networking areas with long distance phone capabilities, and support groups.

One of the large outplacement services such as DBM (Drake Beam Morin, Inc.) are usually available for assistance through your former employer. If you are outplaced to an agency such as DBM, thank your HR Department and start running from day one when you arrive.

Consider it a compliment from your company if you are provided the services of an outplacement agency and be proud of using the name. It speaks highly of how your company thought about you. Business is business and downsizing is a part of the American landscape. Now the question is what are you going to do about it?

Career Consultants:

Look for career consultants in employment publications and on the Web. Their intent is similar to that of an outplacement agency except you pay. There are other agencies for those who are seeking employment in senior management, but usually from headhunters.


Recruiters are like an analogy found in the New Testament; "The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going." And how true this also is with recruiters.

One day they breeze into your life and the next day it is as if you never existed. But don't take it personally. Their incoming resumes probably outnumber their available openings by a factor of 1/100 or more. If they need you, they will find you. If they don't need you, you won't hear from them.

A Retained Recruiter is also called an Executive Recruiter, and seeks employment for candidates whose in the six figures or more. If you hear from a retained recruiter, it is because a position exists for the company that has retained his services, and hence the name.

A Contingency Recruiter is one that recruits an individual for a specific job opening but is paid only if the candidate is hired. In general, one can probably say that the contingency recruiter works the lower end of the management salary scale.

Temporary Placement Agencies:

Mostly for secretarial and temporary positions, a temporary placement agency finds a candidate a non-permanent position. However, temporary placement agencies such as Manpower also hire senior executives to fill 3-6 month positions in a various locations through the country.

Job Banks:

You can find job banks on the Internet by using the search engines provided by your Internet provider. A list of those can be found on a link at the top of this page.

Services range from free to paid--from general jobs to specific job markets . . . from corporate sites offering open positions to sites with recruiter-posted job openings. Many sites allow you to post your resume and update it when your skills increase or your address changes.

A few sites charge for posting your resume, some offering to provide your name to head-hunters. However, unless you have the skills needed to meet the requirements of a hot work place, don't waste your money. Instead, use the free sites for posting an interesting-read cover letter and well thought out searchable resume.

The free services may also allow you to post several versions of your resume based on the industry you are seeking to work in while also sending you weekly e-mails of new related jobs that have been posted on their site. Again, click on the link above for job banks.

However, watch out for sites that offer expensive annual memberships or commitments for monthly payments over a series of months for other job search services. If you're unhappy with the first month's service some will not stop "charging" your credit card until the commitment is completed saying, "you agreed!" These can be profit-added schemes of a few free search engines that show up innocently in your opt-in e-mail from the job search service. While it provides a measured monthly income for the search engine's bottom line, its support for the user in finding a job can be questioned. Beware!

Start your job search by clicking the link at the top of the page for job search engines. Having been downsized, I know what you're going through and why this site was created.

Starting a home-based business:

Starting a home-based business is a very exciting concept . . . and that is all it is until one takes action and investigates their options. The local library, as well as the obvious sources such as and Barnes & Noble, could be a good place to start finding a book advising one how to develop an effective business plan.

But first, rather than look through book titles and authors at random, one is much better off first visiting their local Small Business Association (SBA). These government sponsored local offices have information on hand that will instantly put anyone on the right track to planning for their business while providing a history of others who have tried to go down the same path, and what exactly happened to their business dreams. The SBA will also tell that for every ten businesses that startup, only two may have some success . . . and even that will have to be reevaluated after three years of business.

The SBA will also tell horror stories of how others had put unbelievable amounts of money, such as $30,000 onto their own personal credit cards to keep their dream going, when in fact they should have shut it down years before. They will also advise the benefits and pitfalls of a franchisee, where personal investments can start at $60,000 and go up to $200,000 and beyond, depending on the brand name and location.

But once a business plan is established and approved by the SBA, the next step will be to find a local or nearby SCORE Association where retired executives from corporations dedicate their time looking over business plans, their being totally and brutally clear about its chance of survival. However, if one is instead unemployed they can look into going into government-sponsored programs like the SEA Program provided by the Department of Labor, which if not changed is self-employment assistance with unemployment benefits continued as long as one is attending all the classes.

One can also look into retraining where their state may provide up to $8,000 in tuition to an approved certified school while the applicant can continue to receive their unemployment benefits, too. Of course, these applicants are required to meet the school's grading standards while they are attending the selected institution along with finishing the course and receiving a certification of achievement.

One will quickly discovered that a business URL can be easily lost in the virtually world as if it were like a single spec of light lost to an astronomer's eye, the light's saying, "pick me, pick me," yet still will be lost among the billions of other dots in the night's sky.

Older unemployed people, rather than start a new businesses, may simply take what they have learned in the business world and became consultants using their establish network of business contacts. Others become contract trainers going from 1040's to 1099's forms.

Of course, the golden ring is to find that niche that people will come to through word-of-mouth, one starting with a known list that will try their service to start the ball rolling. In any event, check out the following links when thinking about starting a business.

SCORE - Excellent source for business advise from retired executives (

Small Business Association - Government site (

Government Microloans - From the SBA (


Some other things to think about when looking for a employment:

1. A good starting point for searching for local jobs is to log onto an Internet search engine that is supported your state's unemployment office. For instance, New Jersey provides The Workforce New Jersey Public Information Network (WNJPIN), a virtual one-stop career center system that can be found on the Web at Search engines like these will sometimes offer added-value assistance that can help an applicant prepare for an interview or write an resume.

2. If unemployed and you think you would like to learn how to start up a small home-based business, ask your unemployment office if they support the Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEA Program) sponsored by the Department of Labor, where you can learn how to develop a business plan, among other things, while still receiving unemployment.

3. Also check out for any Workforce Retraining programs that are budgeted from your state's unemployment office. Some may pay for retraining at approved education resources and will continue your unemployment benefits as long as you quality, keep your grades up and graduate.

Finally, we hope all this content has helped you in determining your future.


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